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Energy & Power


Let Renewable energy do the work.

Finding talent with experience in this specific market can be problematic, as it is relatively new and rapidly emerging. As a result, we often look to other industries to find talent with the right transferable skills to hit the ground running in the renewable industry. For our experienced recruiters, however, this is an engaging challenge that we regularly succeed in.

Recruitments for Power and Energy Sector


At TalentBuddi we recognise that renewable energies are not only an emerging market, but one that is imperative in moving towards a greener future. In order to reduce CO2 emissions, we must develop renewable energy sources to their maximum potential—be it biofuel, geothermal, hydro, solar, tidal wave or wind energy. We support both consultancy and operational renewable markets, with a focus on the engineering, commercial & operational disciplines.


Oil & Gas

We supply extensive international coverage, regardless of our clients’ needs. With our comprehensive industry knowledge, coupled with years of recruitments experience, we are equipped to support our clients. Our multi-disciplinary structure allows us to recruit across various roles. From CAD operators, through to design, engineering and project management. We are able to recruit right up to senior management level positions.


Petrochemical & Refinery

We specialise predominantly across design, engineering and project management. However, our extensive recruitment expertise allows us to cater to recruitment needs beyond these main categories.

TalentBuddi fully understands the needs of all our clients which is important when it comes to offering a fully comprehensive recruitment service. With this in mind, we invest in the best-in-class recruitment talent and candidate sourcing methods for all of our key market areas.

Energy & Power

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