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Temporary & Contract Recruitment


Connecting the dots to new hires.

We understand the importance and value add that Talent Acquisition services bring to any organisation. Some of our clients prefer to retain their talent acquisition capability in-house oppose to outsourcing to companies like TalentBuddi.


At TalentBuddi we have already established teams in place that are experts within TalentAcquisition that specialise across very niche specialist areas. We have the capability to have our teams seconded to your business, that will sit within your business as part of your existing in-house team for an agreed timescale. With this approach we can have our teams come and assist you for an agreed period of time and extend their skills, expertise and knowledge to your business.


Maybe your in-house teams are at capacity with workload but you don’t have the permanent requirement for a full-time person and require assistance from our TalentAcquisition teams short term. We can offer our TA teams on short term contract basis to assist you with your short term capacity challenges.


TalentBuddi fully understands the needs of all our clients which is important when it comes to offering a fully comprehensive recruitment service. With this in mind, we invest in the best-in-class recruitment talent and candidate sourcing methods for all of our key market areas. We utilise state-of-the-art databases in-house, which our team utilises to quickly identify and source the right candidate for your role. We invest in the best job boards in the market to advertise and represent your brand to maximise the exposure of your company and job roles on offer. We have strong and robust existing networks in place across our specialist industries which we can call upon when needed. 

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